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Emotional Marketing Applied to the Design of Websites

Emotional Marketing Applied to the Design of Websites

In designing a website, emotional marketing is very important especially for companies and is being used frequently by those in their digital marketing strategies.

This article will review how to apply the concept to design emotional marketing web sites and social networking applications.

Emotional marketing strategies when effectively utilised in website design produces a high conversion rate from just regular visitors to repeat customers. Every business needs to understand the mind of its prospective customers; with this method, appropriate product and services would always be rendered to the customers. Every human being is naturally emotional and would react or respond based on how effectively you are able to understand the feelings.

emotional marketing

1. What is Emotional Marketing?

Emotional Marketing allows companies to create and develop an emotional or personal bond with its customers, so that they feel the company or brand as their own, and discourage them from contributing to their growth and survival.

What they look for companies with the emotional marketing is to move from the mind of your customers to your heart.

Marketing has evolved as follows:

  • Transactional Marketing which is based on the product.
  • Relationship marketing is based on the client.
  • Emotional marketing is based on how to connect emotionally with these.



2. Aspects that influence the emotional connection to websites and social media applications

Web site design and social media applications should provide positive and memorable experiences for people to return. It’s not just about building a website and stashing it with contents, it’s about creating a personal and intimate bond with your visitors by mere use of words that would always make them come back to your website.

There are six aspects to utilise in order to achieve this kind of designs:

  • Harmony. Harmony occurs when a website or Facebook application is nice, although we cannot define why it’s this way . Harmony means that the website has proportion in the elements, spaces, fonts and colours.
  • Rhythm. Rhythm on a Web site or application in social networks is presented when graphic elements transmit order.
  • Colors. Colours evoke emotional and physiological aspects. The use of colours is a very important aspect of web design; the right colours when properly distributed on the website would keep your website visitor longer than expected.
  • Fonts. Transmitters of messages are very effective thanks to its features, hierarchies, inclinations, etc. arguably, each font has a personality. Capital letters produce a feeling of power, safety, consistency, transparency. Avoid creating designs with too many fonts on a website or social networking application to avoid confusion, noise and chaos.
  • Space. Spaces allowed transmit volume, highlight the message, create interest and attention. The space management achieves the visitor’s attention on an element without increasing its size which is what I do most often designers.
  • Hierarchy. Hierarchies in Web design elements and social networking applications are very important to clarify when reading the information. Spaces, typefaces, sizes and colours so let rank the website or social networking application.

Emotional marketing is of the essence in designing a good and well converting website. If you understand the needs of your visitors and give them appropriate services as desired, then repeat customers is what you would always get to your website.

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