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API Integrations


BlendSuite is an innovative integration and rapid development platform.

From tills, to accounts, to omni channel selling; cloud based apps and services are the future of retail.
The BlendSuite platform breaks down the biggest barriers to retailers shifting to cloud-based services. It allows customisation that was previously impossible (or prohibitively expensive), and makes the issue of compatibility obsolete.
Using BlendSuite, we can connect any number of different platforms, standardising and centralising all of your data.
Once connected, data will seamlessly “blend” data between all connected platforms – they automatically stay in sync, data generated on each platform is unlocked, key processes are automated, and combined features can be built upon.
If you have a cloud based application, please get in touch and find out how we can work together to create new revenue streams, and opportunities for your existing users.


Unlock the data in all connected systems.


Generate advanced consolidated reports and live reporting dashboards.


BlendSuite can connect to both current and legacy database systems, thus eliminating the need to migrate data manually or make a sudden move. Existing solutions can be integrated with new systems and phased out slowly.


BlendSuite allows us to quickly and easily develop improvements and new features for almost any platform. The result is all of your services working seamlessly together in one place.

Go to BlendSuite.com to learn more.

“From integrating point of sale to eCommerce, to creating custom fulfillment workflows, BlendSuite is the missing link in centralising your retail businesses operations.”

Integration Partnerships

Do you have a system or device with over 1000 users ?

Are you targeting the retail industry ?

Is your system already web connected, or are you considering connecting it to the web ?

We can offer greatly subsidised development and generous revenue shares on integrations tailored to your users.

“Get in touch to discuss how we can work together to generate more users for your platform and increased income through api integrations.”

Bespoke Integrations

We specialise in integrating disparate systems, and have built bespoke integrations for some of the leading names in eCommerce and retail technology.

Whether you need to integrate one system or 1000; whether the systems you are connecting have existing web services or not – we’ll find the right solution.

“Get in touch to discuss what we can do for your organisation.”