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December 2012

We are very happy to write that we have received a glowing recommendation in Karon Gould’s new book – “cherry on top”

Wrightway digital has been featured as one of 3 businesses to watch in 2013

Karen is perhaps best known for Gold introductions, a professional introductions company which gained great media attention during the 90’s, being featured on national televesion, Magazines, Newspapers and Radio. Karen was also the star of her own Channel 5 reality TV show.

During 2011, Karen delivered the ‘Department of business innovation and skills’ business start-up programme and has supported over 150 new businesses including other programmes, such as the Social Enterprise Network, NWDA, NAVCA, Bank of America and Northern Lights.

As part of our environmental awareness program and in an effort to help our customers become carbon neutral we have pledged to plant a tree for every new client.

A portion of the proceeds from the first job we complete for all new clients will go towards planting a tree. Trees will be planted by the Woodland trust in Forests around the UK.

The tree will be dedicated to you or your business and you will receive a certificate with its location.

All trees will be planted in public forests as part of a regeneration scheme so you will be able to visit your tree at any time.  Over the years we hope to plant a full forest and offset not only ours but also our clients carbon footprint.

Trees and forests are vitally important for our environment. Deforestation accounts for over 20% of the carbon dioxide emitted by human beings. Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce Oxygen, reducing the carbon levels In the environment.

Planting trees is also a good way to offset your carbon footprint and it is our first step to becoming carbon neutral.

more information about our “plant a tree” scheme.

Visitors using our client area recently may have noticed some dramatic changes !

We’ve completely redesigned our client panel, we’ve simplified everything and made all of our most used features just a click away.

Designed to three simple principles; Simple, Functional and Attractive, we think we’ve nailed all three!

Clients, please log into the client area to view the new client panel. We welcome any feedback.