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March 2013

We are proud to announce our latest service offering…. Staff outsourcing to Sri Lanka.

With much of our own team already in Sri Lanka, secure and spacious offices and a partnership with one of the countries leading recruitment firms we are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of any company looking to outsource to Sri Lanka.

With staffing costs even lower than India, English as a main business language and a key government focus on IT education Sri Lanka is the perfect location for any web development, creative or other IT related company to outsource to.

We have developed a highly scalable model for staff outsourcing that will be assured to increase productivity and lower costs for anybody looking to outsource some of their staffing requirements.

Whether you are looking at hiring one staff member on a temporary basis or a team of full time staff, we can provide a comprehensive service that will help to reduce costs and improve productivity for your company.

See https://wrightwaydigital.com/services/outsource-to-sri-lanka.html for more information.

cia big data prenentationOn Wednesday last week the CIA’s chief technology Officer (Ira “Gus” Hunt) detailed the companies plans for handling “big data”, collecting and analyzing huge data sets on the movements and actions of people on the internet.

The presentation came only a few days after the CIA announced it was going to be signing up for a cloud computing contract with Amazon reportedly worth up-to £400 million (GBP) to house the huge data sets they collect.

Getting more real likes to your Fan page ensures that your business stays publicized at all times. You can also tap into the extended networks of those that admire your brand.

One of the best methods of attaining plenty of facebook likes is through Facbook ads.

get facebook likes

In order to do this, you first of all have to create a fresh ad for your Facebook page with a clear audience and location that you are targeting.

Top Pinterest tools

 Pinterest announced the launch of it’s new integrated analytics this morning.

With Pinterest, it really is all about the pictures. It’s a visual social network and its fast becoming one of the big dogs.

You can use this social media site to reach thousands of potential customers and spread the word about your business and brand. As with all the top social networks, a whole ecosystem of related apps and tools has started to develop around it.

More pictures, less words, seems to be the message that Pinterest is spreading, we like to be visually pleased…. So that said, we bring you a short article with plenty of pictures detailing some of the top tools for Pinterest.


Religion, in the UK atleast is certainly in decline, It’s seen as a social decay by some and a more free society by others, whatever your views, this article highlights social medias role in raising religious awareness

In a simple cartoon circulated online, Jesus looks at Peter and says, “No, I’m not talking about Twitter. I literally want you to follow me.” This is an apt depiction of the competitive relationship that has existed between media and religion, summed up as: “I’m God. Turn off the media and listen to me.” If modern technologies were used to further their faith — be it an advertising campaign or a televised sermon — religious institutions possessed a stranglehold on the content using a top-down, paternalistic approach to communication.

A run down of the latest social media demographics. Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.. All the stats you need to know.Young adults are more likely than older adults to use major social media sites, while women, African-Americans, and Latinos are most likely to use Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest, according to new data from Pew Research.

Among major social media sites, Facebook is the most popular: 67% of online adults in the US use the social network.

Twitter ranks second with 16% penetration among online adults, followed by Pinterest with 15%, Instagram with 13%, and Tumblr with 6%.