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Online Marketing

The internet is the single largest market place.

With recent research indicating the total number of internet users to be at over 2 billion globally, the online audience is much larger than any other advertising media can have access to.

Companies without an effective online marketing strategy are at a disadvantage in today’s business world. Where it used to be a great addition to traditional marketing, online marketing has now become an essential part of most businesses strategy.

We are digital media experts and can provide a range of cutting edge online marketing services.

Search marketing

” Search engines are the most common way for Internet users to find something online. “

Search engines are the first port of call for many Internet browsers and help users to find the best websites for their needs.

When people conduct Internet searches, they rarely go beyond the first couple pages of results.

From research to development, deployment to management…. We provide an all in one search engine optimisation (SEO) and search engine marketing (SEM) service

Link Building

” Many search engines place a lot of emphasis on the number and quality of links to a site in determining its ranking .”

This means that the more relevant web sites you can get to link to your site, the higher your site is shown in search engine results. An effective link building campaign is paramount to the success of any search engine optimisation campaign.

We use a combination of on site tools aimed at encouraging other site owners to link to your content, with a variety of manual link building techniques to acquire relevant and valuable links to your online content.

Content Creation & Optimisation

Using keywords relating to your company in appropriate places on your site, it is possible to improve how search engines rank you.

” We examine the top performing sites for each of the selected keywords and through analysis of the structure of these websites we are able to identify exactly how your content should be structured to gain a good rank in the search engines.”

This information can be used to create new content and optimize existing online content to achieve the best possible search engine rank.

Keyword Research

” Keywords are the terms and phrases that your target market uses when searching for the products and services you sell in the major search engines and directories. “

These keywords will be how your customers will find you through the search engines. Your keywords are used in everything you do online and are the key determining factor in how you rank in the search results among many of the major search engines.

To target your customers effectively the best keywords for your website and business will need to be identified, We do this with our industry experience combined with custom agency keyword research software..

Competitor Research

“An effective search engine optimization campaign requires an understanding of exactly what your competitors are doing.”

With this knowledge it is possible to beat their offerings in terms of search engine rankings, price and Web site content.

We have a standardized procedure and custom tool set which we use to analyze and monitor your competitors.

“ An effective search engine optimisation campaign will help your customers to find your website and can even generate new customers or leads. ”

Social media marketing

” Social media is media that doesn’t just display information, it enables people to interact with each other, presenting a 2 way flow of information. Social media presents a lot of opportunities for companies looking to get an edge over their competition. “

“Social media can be used for research, promotion, support and even as a vehicle to sell your products or services through.”

“ The use of social media has grown significantly over the past few years with the growth of high profile web brands such as facebook, twitter and linkedin ”

-Increase customer loyalty and trust

-Raise awareness of your brand and products

-Build a meaningful relationship with your customers

Email marketing

” Email marketing is a direct marketing technique that uses electronic mail (email) to communicate a message.”

“Email marketing can be used to build a relationship with current customers or to gain new customers.”

“ An effective search engine optimisation campaign will help your customers to find your website and can even generate new customers or leads. ”


” Email marketing provides an excellent opportunity to relate to and tailor your communications to your customers. “

It is easy to segment your customers and to personalise your communications with email marketing. Communications can be customized to the individual, Communicating to people on an individual level and targetting communications to their individual wants and needs.


With our custom email analytics system we can track who reads your emails, when they are viewed, whether any links are clicked and how people interact with your communications. This data can then be used to accurately assess the return on investment email marketing campaign presents and can be used to fine tune future communications.

Cost Effective

Compared to traditional communications methods, email marketing is relatively inexpensive. You can reach your customers from as little as 1p (£0.01 GBP) per person.


Email marketing can be instant, messages can be delivered at the exact time you specify, getting your message to your customers when it counts!

Find out more about how email marketing can help your business!

Pay per click marketing

“Pay per click marketing is a model of internet marketing in which you pay a fee each time your ad is clicked (as opposed to paying for your ad to be shown or paying commision on sales)”

One of the most popular Pay per click ad networks is Google Adwords. Google adwords allows you to bid on keywords so your ad will be displayed alongside organic search results

Pay per click marketing when deployed correctly can generate immediate results

“Effective pay per click marketing campaigns contain a balance of research, experience, management, constant analysis and revision.”

Digital strategy

” In the advanced world we live in today, an effective digital strategy is critical to a companies marketing, sales, brand and communications. “

We are experts in digital strategy, our team of digital strategists includes professionals in digital media, marketing, web design, creative

We work with you to build the right digital strategy for your brand.

Creating practical solutions to the challenges you already face and identifying potential opportunities ahead of the curve.

Markets are very rarely static, customers needs and wants change, competitor actions, innovations and strategic decisions can change the marketplace dramatically, as can technological advancements.

Need a new digital strategy ?

” The economy, social biases, technological advancements, environmental issues, political agendas, legislative action and ethical concerns can all play a part in shaping the marketplace you conduct business in. “

” The more the external environment changes, the more opportunities there are likely to be for a well prepared company, with an effective research plan and an organic digital strategy.”

“Through effective research and digital strategy it is possible to identify changes in the market place ahead of the curve and form a competitive advantage through innovation, knowledge and strategy. “

Even if your marketplace is stable, competitive actions can always change and you need to know, review and act on what is happening….

We understand the importance of digital strategy and use a variety of technologically advanced systems to conduct ongoing research into your business and marketplace, providing valuable insight into your customers, competitors and market. We then combine this with our industry knowledge and experience to form effective strategies that can grow with your business.

The digital strategy services we offer include.

Market research

Competitor research

Search marketing strategy

Opportunity assessment

Digital strategy

Brand strategy and planning

Customer research

Persona creation

Actionable target creation

Analysis of external factors (PESTLEE)

Media research and analysis

Social media strategy

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