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web design and development

This post will look at the differences between a Web Developer and a Web Designer. You may not be aware, but each profession has a different skill set, although there are generally some overlaps. In a nutshell the developer will be more knowledgeable of programming languages that make a website and this makes them ideal for creating innovative websites, whereas as a Designer will be more interested in the way a website looks and are more visually creative. Lets look at the differences in detail:

responsive web design

When you decide to purchase a new website, whether it’s for a new business, re-brand or just to improve the end user experience, you need to be looking at what the future holds for website design. This is not just about the site itself, but do you know how an end-user (which in most cases equals a potential customer) will access your site?

In designing a website, emotional marketing is very important especially for companies and is being used frequently by those in their digital marketing strategies.

This article will review how to apply the concept to design emotional marketing web sites and social networking applications.

Emotional marketing strategies when effectively utilised in website design produces a high conversion rate from just regular visitors to repeat customers. Every business needs to understand the mind of its prospective customers; with this method, appropriate product and services would always be rendered to the customers. Every human being is naturally emotional and would react or respond based on how effectively you are able to understand the feelings.