Based in the north east of England, WrightWay digital is a small but forward thinking digital media agency.
We provide companies of all sizes, with the resources needed to expand and lead in the online marketplace
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Web Development

From advanced applications to online stores, from blogs to communities… Whether you need to develop a new online experience or your digital presence needs a bit of a lift.. You’ve come to the right place.

From initial conceptualization, to design, From management to Marketing, Staff training to search engine optimisation. We have you covered at every stage of your website or web applications development.

Web Design

A website is no longer a nice-to-have; for most businesses an online presence is a necessity.

We have a range of advanced web design services suitable for all business sizes.


With specialised staff and dedicated consultants we are perfectly positioned to produce even the most complex of web projects, We have specialized developers ready to tackle even the trickiest coding challenge and a team of skilled creative designers ready to give your website the look it needs. The whole process is overseen by your dedicated consultant who will ensure that all work meets the high quality standards that our clients have come to expect.


Simple and quick to deploy, blogs can help establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Blogs provide an excellent and centralized tool to communicate with your stakeholders and keep them informed of key business activities.

Whether you’re looking to implement an external business blog or an internal company blog… We can help to realize the true value of blogs for you and your company or organization.


“The internet is the worlds largest marketplace, ignore it and you’re missing out on a huge opportunity”

We are e-commerce experts. From market research to website design. Payment gateways to online promotion we have you covered at every stage of your e-commerce websites development.

Online Communities

Build an online community of customers, staff, shareholders or other key stakeholders and encourage socializing between them. Bring a feeling of belonging to your community members and in turn solidify their affiliation to your brand.

“Communities are an excellent vehicle for 2 way communication with your customer, you can gain feedback, offer support and inform people of your business activities.”

An online community, if deployed correctly can provide an engaging experience for users and helps to humanize the Internet experience.

Whether it be creating a totally new online community or taking advantage of existing social networks such as Facebook to create a micro community; we can facilitate the establishment, web design, development, management and maintenance of a community website.

Brand building web design

Brands are very important, they help people differentiate between competition and quickly judge quality.

“A good brand can bring you new customers and can help you to keep existing customer.”

Brand building sites are developed to create an experience of your brand online, helping to build and convey your brand identity to the world.

We always work with our clients to ensure consistent and memorable branding throughout any websites we build.

Mobile accessible web design

More and more people are starting to access the internet from their mobile devices. Mobile optimized design is included in most our web design packages as standard.

We approach mobile accessibility in one of 3 different ways dependent on the projects requirements :

1.Responsive design

Your website adapts itself to the device it is being viewed on, so as it looks good on any screen size.

2.Dedicated mobile template

We develop a unique template for mobile devices, often resembling an online mobile app.

3.Mobile apps

For the ultimate user experience dedicated mobile apps can be integrated with your website

Advanced web design review process

We have an advanced web design review process – Creative and development briefs are produced in consultation with your organization, the creative brief is passed to our design team who will immediately start producing concept images. These images will be uploaded as they are produced to our special web based design review system, here you can comment on each concept in your own time by accessing our website.

Our designers keep producing new concepts or modifying the design until you are truly happy with it.

Once the web design has been finalized it is passed to our dedicated team of developers to turn the concept into a fully functional website and “bring the web design to life”…. This process allows for a greater level of customization and production of a web design matching even the strictest of design requirements.

Whether it be creating a totally new online community or taking advantage of existing social networks such as Facebook to create a micro community; we can facilitate the establishment, web design, development, management and maintenance of a community website.

“From development of advanced online applications to e-commerce stores; we can make your web design dreams become reality.”


E-commerce Web Design

Need an e-commerce website?

From market research to website design. Payment gateways to online promotion we have you covered at every stage of your e-commerce websites development.


We develop our ecommerce websites using open-source ecommerce platforms. This means our clients are free from the severe vendor lock-in that can afflict people using proprietary ecommerce packages, it will not be hard to find an expert in the underlying technologies should you decide to work with someone else. This means our clients stay with us because they want to and not because they are tied to use by the ecommerce systems we provide.

Highly configurable

All of the ecommerce websites we build are well documented and come with customised administration panels making it easy to manage orders, update products and perform any other maintenance tasks you may need to complete. Dependent on requirements we can also integrate numerous easy to manage sales and promotions tools designed to automate common promotional tasks.

Measurable performance

Custom analytics and reporting systems are included with all of our ecommerce packages. Keep track of your visitors and see which products are most popular. Refine your website by knowing how your customers trult interact with it. Create customisable reports on orders, customers, products or any other aspect of your store.

Amazon & eBay integrations

Increase exposure to your products by selling through Ebay and Amazon directly through your website. Keep stock in sync, update products and manage orders as if they were coming through your website. We can also integrate your website with almost any 3rd party tool that has an API ensuring your data can be accessible where you need it, when you need it!

“ The internet is the worlds largest marketplace, ignore it and you’re missing out on a huge opportunity ”


Mobile Web Design

No matter what the size of your company, you can take advantage of mobile websites. The business world is now taking the leap into the mobile web site arena. Make sure you don’t get left behind

Vast connectivity

A survey from comScore shows that around 49,500,000 people in the UK alone have a Smartphone which amounts to around 64% of the population.

Improved visibility

“According to an IMRG report from February 2015, visits to ecommerce sites via smartphone and tablet devices accounted for 45% of all ecommerce traffic in the UK.”

Mobile optimized websites perform better in web searches performed from mobile phones consistently out ranking none mobile optimized websites.

Increased engagement

“A mobile website allows you to immediately engage users with mobile-specific features such as click-to-call and mapping functions. Furthermore, if you’re a local business mobile is particularly significant as more and more visitors will find your site through location-aware technology that connects users to your website when they are in immediate geographic proximity. “

Improved user experience

Mobile websites are specifically designed for use with mobile devices. Research on mobile website usability shows that mobile-optimized websites significantly improve user experience and satisfaction (when compared to standard / none mobile optimized websites).


According to ComScore “Mobile Internet Usage Skyrockets in Past 4 Years to Overtake Desktop as the Most Used media”. With such traction, can you afford not to target mobile users ?

“Mobile websites can create new revenue streams, provide new communications channels and present an excellent vehicle to promote your business.”


Web Applications

” A web application is a piece of software that is accessed via the internet. “

Using the latest web technologies we can build a web application to suite your requirements.

Easy to deploy

In contast to standard software solutions, web applications do not require any complex “roll out” procedure to deploy in large organizations. A compatible web browser is all that is needed.

Cross platform compatible

Because web applications are generally run inside a web browser they can be built to be cross platform compatible (They work on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, ios, Blackberry and any other operating system capable of running a web browser)

Easy to update and maintain

Web applications can be updated and maintained without distributing and installing software on potentially thousands of client computers.

Web applications generally require no upgrade procedure since all new features are implemented on the server and automatically delivered to the users.

less resources required by users

As web applications are usually installed on one centralized server, Web applications usually require little or no disk space on the client machine.

We can build a range of web applications from simple calculators to complicated lead management tools, With your knowledge of your business and industry and our knowledge of IT and digital media, we will work with you to build the perfect web application for your business.

The term web applications covers a wide range of products from simple quote calculators to project management tools and ecommerce payment gateways



Graphic Design

As a full service agency, we provide a comprehensive range of graphic design services.

Working alongside experienced marketing consultants your designs are developed by our team of dedicated creative graphic designers.

From logo design to custom stationary, colour schemes to rich media campaigns, we can create a branding package tailored to your business.

Our dedicated graphic designers upload draft graphics and concepts in our design review system.

 1. You are then given the opportunity to comment and approve designs in real time.

 2. The design is revised in the online system until it is ready to be finalized.

 3. When finalized your designs are stored securely in the system where you can

     download them at your leisure.

We use the same design review system with our web design packages

“All graphic design projects are developed using our advanced design review system “


Website security

“Website security is an often overlooked but critical aspect of web design”

Whether you store confidential data, credit card numbers or other information that if leaked could have a devastating effect on your business, or whether you just have a simple company website and cant see anything worth hacking your website is still at risk of being compromised.

Website and server audit

Our web security services often start with a website and server audit. We look at your website and server, what data it stores and the underlying code to identify potential risk factors and where possible fix any potential vulnerabilities before they are exploited. We also advise on safe data handling and can help to refine your companies policies to ensure you stay safe and secure online.

Open-source security tune up

Open-source software has many advantages over proprietry software. The most commonly cited issue is however security. The very nature of open-source makes it a target for automated attacks. These security issues can be mitigated with regular updates and additional security enhancements. We are open-source experts and are constantly improving our security tool suite for the most common open-source systems. We offer a full security tune-up and maintenance service for WordPress, Joomla, PrestaShop, Magento, and OpenCart.

Website roll backs

Included with all of our web design, hosting and maintenance packages is an automated backup and roll back system. If anything does happen to your website we can quickly roll it back to a time before the issue occured. Through enhanced security logging, we can often also identify the cause of the issue and take necessary action.

Pro-active protection

We have developed a number of pro active security tools and methodologies to help keep websites secure. From basic best practices such as using encrypted connections for secure data to honeypots (hacker traps) and site monitors designed to identify and stop potentially malicious users before they get a chance to cause any harm to your website. We understand web security and are well equipped to help your business stay safe, secure and pro actively protected online.

“The majority of security breaches are not to steal data, or even to deface your website, but instead to use your server to send spam emails, to spread viruses to your visitors, or even to host illegal files – all of which could have a serious impact on your websites performance, and potentially on your business reputation.”