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Posted on November 30th, 2012 by jonwrightway

Company Director Jonathan Wright gave a short talk at @Rockstar_group event in Liverpool yesterday;

For those that don’t know what Rockstar are, they are a the UK’s number 1 mentoring organisations for entrepreneurs looking to grow or raise finance.

Headed by Jonathan Pfahl (Goldman Sachs ‘golden child’) and chaired by Oliver Rothschild (of the infamous Rothschild banking family). High profile Mentors include; Clive Jacobs (Holiday Autos), Sir Erik Peacock(knighted in 2003 for his services to international trade),, Mark pritchard (Digital look) and Chelsey Baker (media and marketing expert).

Speakers at this event were Jonathan Pfahl, Karen Gould and our Director Jonathan Wright.

The event covered sales strategies for entrepreneurs, Jonathan Pfahl gave a very inspirational talk about how to do things right as an entrepreneur. He listed some interesting case studies of businesses the group had already helped gain success and then went on to comment on some social media strategies that were used by other people to target himself.

One interesting strategy he mentioned was when somebody targeted him via Linkedin as they wanted him as a client, The keen marketeer in question started by sending a Linkedin IN mail but instead of doing the standard connection and leaving the generic connection text in the box, she wrote a personal message (something you should certainly always do),

Her message essentially played towards Jonathan’s Ego (as is always good when targeting successful individuals) and Jonathan accepted her request.

She then followed up with another email as soon as the connection was accepted basically building on her last email and asking Jonathan if she would let her take him out for breakfast at a top London restaurant.

Jonathan, (never wanting too miss out on a free breakfast, and intrigued by the girls tactics) accepted the request and she had Jonathan one to one for over an hour whilst they ate breakfast and discussed business.

It is a strategic decision to choose breakfast if taking a potential or current client out for a meal. Most people won’t be inclined to drink alcohol at breakfast (bring the meal cost down) and breakfast is in relative terms the cheapest meal of the day.

Essentially you could take somebody to a top restaurant for breakfast for the same price as a little chef or service station KFC.. I know which one i’d prefer !

Of course taking a client out for a meal is not the only way of getting their attention. You could also for example put on a track day for potential clients, ask your prospects if they would like to drive a Ferrari round a track for a day for absolutely no cost, see how many high profile potential clients you can get together and you will have them for a full day to discuss business.

Sure does beat cold calling !

Jonathan Finished on a quote that inspired himself when he was younger and from the audiences reaction, may have inspired some of the next generation of entrepreneurs attending the event;

“Entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.”

He doesn’t know who the quote was by as its was featured in a long since lost magazine article, but it did inspire him to go on to become incredibly successful.

Karen Gould (UK Ambassador for Women Enterprise, Mentor and prolific entrepreneur) followed Jonathan and went on to mention her new book – “mentoring – cherry on top”, we’ll be reviewing this in one of our next blog posts,

Those interested in the Rockstar mentoring scheme, please visit www.rockstargroup.co.uk for more information..

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