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Company announcements

bbc dragons denWe’d like to congratulate the teabox company in their success on BBC’s dragons den.

When Omar came to us wanting an ecommerce platform developed from green tea with a custom blending feature we knew they were on to winner. In our time working with them we could see their business was a bit special.

Our team watched anxiously yesterday as they made their appearence on dragons den but they walked stteabox companyraight through the dragons questions. They ended with Peter Jones, Kelly Hoppen and Deborah Meaden all making offers before closing the deal with Kelly Hoppen

Heart bleed bug

I’m sure that many of you will have already read the recent announcements about the latest threat to online security – The “heartbleed bug”.

But what is this heartbleed bug and how could it have effected me ?

So what is being dubbed as the “Heartbleed bug” is a security flaw that was first made public at the beginning of this week.

What the bug does, is it enables anybody with an Internet connection and the knowledge of how this bug works to read the memory of websites and systems protected by vulnerable versions of Open SSL.

Open SSL is the industry standard when it comes to securing information being sent online, what is basically does is it enables websites and systems to encrypt and decrypt information before being sent over the internet.  (It takes your information, and rewrites it in a special code that only systems you grant access to can read)

Any website that processes payments on their website is actually required by the processors to have encryption enabled. This is and has been for a long time the industry standard and main way that information is secured when being sent online.

So this could mean that credit card details, sensitive medical information and even criminal records could potentially be leaked.

Essentially anything that is entered into a secure form online on an effected system could be decrypted by the hacker and used as they wish.

The information could also be used to impersonate services and users and in turn gain access to all manner of systems and additional information stored elsewhere.

christmas-marketWell that time of year is upon us again, the decorations are up, Santa is prepping his sled and its time to close everything down ready to pick up again in the new year.

We will now officially be on holiday until the 6th January, We will have a small team in over most of this period incase of any emergencies but we will be closing our door to new business,

For our clients who trade right through the Christmas period (e-commerce  and SAAS clients we’re looking at you !), our phone lines will remain open and we will be available by email but we will not available to general business enquiries.

A lot has happened this year with WrightWay Digital, we’ve hired 3 new full time staff members, been short listed for 3 awards and won the Rockstar digital business award.

We’ve worked with some fantastic new clients on an exclectic mix of projects that have kept our developers challenged.

From social media monitoring systems, to clothing superstores, track day experiences to accountants, student properties to small business financing we have worked alongside some great startups this year, we’ll be blogging about some of these in the new year.


Last month was a really busy month for us at WrightWay digital.. We were shortlisted for “excellence in growth” and “excellence in innovation” at the Mentorsme awards in London and we were awarded Rockstar digital business of the year at the Rockstar business awards at the Crowne Plaza in Liverpool.

We are honoured to have been given this award and we would like to thank the whole WrightWay digital team for their tremendous effort.

We’d also like to thank Rockstar for supporting us on our journey, For those that are unsure what Rockstar is they are a business support and mentoring agency that have helped many business in the UK (ourselves included) to achieve their business goals and aspirations, you can find out more about rockstar here


We can help you get start-up funding of 2,500 – £10,000 and provide you with world class mentorship… Would that help ?

Rockstar youth are one of the UK’s leading mentoring and business support companies and as part of the government backed start-up loans campaign have developed a fantastic programme for young entrepreneurs (aged 18 – 30)

We are happy to announce that we will be hosting the Rockstar youth business incubators at our new conference facility at the Heritage gallery, cargo fleet MIddesbrough starting October 5th.

Victotria house business centerWe are happy to announce that we have just moved our Middlesbrough offices to newer bigger premises, We’ve not moved far though, infact we are just down the road.

We have now moved to Victoria business centre on Albert road in Middlesbrough town centre.

We’d like to thank Python properties and Teesside university for helping us with the smooth transition and look forward to serving our clients from our new offices.

As part of our office move we have also secured some fantastic conference and events facilities at the impressive heritage gallery on cargo fleet.

Watch this space as we will soon be hosting some fantastic business events for north east business owners, plentiful free parking, High profile Guest speakers, networking and access to finance will all be on the cards.



We would like to give a special welcome to the latest addition to our Middlesbrough team, Nicole.. Many of you will have already spoken to her as she has been working hard over the past few weeks networking on our behalf in the local area.

Nicole will be handling some of our new contracts and is already showing great promise.

We are currently writing job adverts for 2 new roles in our UK team so watch this space.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Sri Lanken team, based in our Colombo branch, Managed by our senior developer Harsha and supported by Dushan, we recently took on a new designer miss Subhashini Jayasundara. As with the UK team we are looking to grow and will soon be advertising new positions for our Sri Lanken team.

If you’re from the north east (England) and exceptional at content writing, social media or sales, please get in touch as we have positions opening soon.

If you’re under 21 and seeking an apprenticeship opportunity we are also considering apprentice applications in association with the North east chamber of commerce apprentice scheme. We can help you achieve levels 2+ in business administration, IT and contact center operator qualifications and we’re looking to create permenant roles for apprentices that successfully complete their qualifications.

If you’re based in Sri Lanka, are experienced in web development, Graphic design or CSS and have the qualifications and portfolio to support this, please also get in touch as we have openings in these areas coming soon.


Are you charismatic and good at winning people round to your argument ? Do you have a strong sales background ?

We need an experienced sales person to join our new Middlesbrough sales team.

WrightWay digital needs YOU!Job responsibilities will include calling current and potential clients and selling basic web design and online marketing services.

We will provide qualified leads and industry databases, you will be expected to also generate some of your own leads, additional commission will be provided for self generated leads.

30 hours per week, Basic wage but very high value projects and high value commissions, you would also be responsible for managing one apprentice sales person working under you for which you would receive additional commission on their sales.

A knowledge of web design and online marketing concepts and management experience would be preferential.

See our job board for more information and to apply

We are proud to announce our latest service offering…. Staff outsourcing to Sri Lanka.

With much of our own team already in Sri Lanka, secure and spacious offices and a partnership with one of the countries leading recruitment firms we are perfectly positioned to meet the needs of any company looking to outsource to Sri Lanka.

With staffing costs even lower than India, English as a main business language and a key government focus on IT education Sri Lanka is the perfect location for any web development, creative or other IT related company to outsource to.

We have developed a highly scalable model for staff outsourcing that will be assured to increase productivity and lower costs for anybody looking to outsource some of their staffing requirements.

Whether you are looking at hiring one staff member on a temporary basis or a team of full time staff, we can provide a comprehensive service that will help to reduce costs and improve productivity for your company.

See https://wrightwaydigital.com/services/outsource-to-sri-lanka.html for more information.

Aged 18 – 30 already in business or looking to start a business ? How does a £10K support package and a government backed start-up loan sound ?

We are proud to announce an exceptional offer for young entrepreneurs.

As part of the UK government start-up loans scheme, WrightWay digital have teamed up with work biz academy to bring you a fantastic business support package.

A simplified loan application process, 6 months free and unlimited use of the Regus virtual offices, business mentoring, access to additional funding, reduced web design services and a fantastic package of additional support. Digital support will be provided by us (WrightWay digital)