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Posted on March 25th, 2013 by jonwrightway

Getting more real likes to your Fan page ensures that your business stays publicized at all times. You can also tap into the extended networks of those that admire your brand.

One of the best methods of attaining plenty of facebook likes is through Facbook ads.

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In order to do this, you first of all have to create a fresh ad for your Facebook page with a clear audience and location that you are targeting.

Knowing your audience really helps you to get them closer to you. Finding out about their interests; sports, reading, travel, will go a long way to solve this for you. See what they like and make it available if possible.

Broaden your search. After finding out interests, you need to combine it with a broader search which could include various locations under travel interests. Next, you need to write out your ad and fix your ad budget for the amount you want per click to fit your campaign and with this, you have gained Facebook likes easy and cheaply.

Next step to take is to place bids on your ad with the highest price to get it out in front of the targeted audience. When you place bids which are higher than the normal rate which your ads go for per click, you do stand a higher chance of winning the auction, the price you set is not necessarily what you pay in the end. Facebook sets a normal competitive price at the end of the day which falls below your high bid price and that is what you pay for.

If your ads become popular, they get to be shown a lot. The more they get displayed to users on Facebook, the lower your ad bids. Be sure to set your budget daily for the amount that you want your ads to be displayed each day as well.

For maximum effect consider using a managed service like that offered by WrightWay digital. Managed services often combine ad campaigns with more advanced organic and viral techniques.

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