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Victotria house business centerWe are happy to announce that we have just moved our Middlesbrough offices to newer bigger premises, We’ve not moved far though, infact we are just down the road.

We have now moved to Victoria business centre on Albert road in Middlesbrough town centre.

We’d like to thank Python properties and Teesside university for helping us with the smooth transition and look forward to serving our clients from our new offices.

As part of our office move we have also secured some fantastic conference and events facilities at the impressive heritage gallery on cargo fleet.

Watch this space as we will soon be hosting some fantastic business events for north east business owners, plentiful free parking, High profile Guest speakers, networking and access to finance will all be on the cards.



We would like to give a special welcome to the latest addition to our Middlesbrough team, Nicole.. Many of you will have already spoken to her as she has been working hard over the past few weeks networking on our behalf in the local area.

Nicole will be handling some of our new contracts and is already showing great promise.

We are currently writing job adverts for 2 new roles in our UK team so watch this space.

We would also like to take this opportunity to acknowledge our Sri Lanken team, based in our Colombo branch, Managed by our senior developer Harsha and supported by Dushan, we recently took on a new designer miss Subhashini Jayasundara. As with the UK team we are looking to grow and will soon be advertising new positions for our Sri Lanken team.

If you’re from the north east (England) and exceptional at content writing, social media or sales, please get in touch as we have positions opening soon.

If you’re under 21 and seeking an apprenticeship opportunity we are also considering apprentice applications in association with the North east chamber of commerce apprentice scheme. We can help you achieve levels 2+ in business administration, IT and contact center operator qualifications and we’re looking to create permenant roles for apprentices that successfully complete their qualifications.

If you’re based in Sri Lanka, are experienced in web development, Graphic design or CSS and have the qualifications and portfolio to support this, please also get in touch as we have openings in these areas coming soon.


Are you charismatic and good at winning people round to your argument ? Do you have a strong sales background ?

We need an experienced sales person to join our new Middlesbrough sales team.

WrightWay digital needs YOU!Job responsibilities will include calling current and potential clients and selling basic web design and online marketing services.

We will provide qualified leads and industry databases, you will be expected to also generate some of your own leads, additional commission will be provided for self generated leads.

30 hours per week, Basic wage but very high value projects and high value commissions, you would also be responsible for managing one apprentice sales person working under you for which you would receive additional commission on their sales.

A knowledge of web design and online marketing concepts and management experience would be preferential.

See our job board for more information and to apply

The big names in social networking are all starting to take advantage of user generated content to help marketers target the right customers and the precise moment they need a product or service.

Google and Facebook have been doing this for some time, but now Twitter is starting to take advantage of this advanced targetting.

User intent to purchase can now be determined based on a variety of signals including keywords typed in status updates, search boxes or tweets,

Unfortunately their ad platform is only available to businesses willing to spend £3500+ per month, if this does fit your budget it could make a very interesting advertising proposition.

Facebook and Google ads are ofcourse accessible to all, we provide a range of social media and PPC marketing services, get in touch to get started today !


The implications of Twitter's new targeting

Who needs real viewers when you’ve got buyral!

Perhaps the most shocking thing is this video really isn’t so far off reality and highlights the need to look at where that viral exposure is really coming from.


Generation-Y, also known as the millenials or millenial generation, It is the generation following generation-X. There’s no agreed start to generation Y but it generally refers to people born after 1982.

Generation Y was the first generation to grow up with the internet. The internet rose exponentially in popularity during the lives of this generation. During the 1990s, it was estimated that the Internet grew by 100% per year!