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Developer Versus Designer

Developer Versus Designer

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This post will look at the differences between a Web Developer and a Web Designer. You may not be aware, but each profession has a different skill set, although there are generally some overlaps. In a nutshell the developer will be more knowledgeable of programming languages that make a website and this makes them ideal for creating innovative websites, whereas as a Designer will be more interested in the way a website looks and are more visually creative. Lets look at the differences in detail:


The Web Developer

  • Communication skills are important for liaising with clients about the site requirements and with other professionals that are involved in the building and perhaps even in the marketing of the website.
  • Programming skills are essential for the developer in order to build the website from scratch. They will create pages within the site including a payment page for an E-commerce site. If any animations,pictures or sound are wanted on the site they developer will be able to embed them into the site. They will also create the command buttons that are needed to navigate around the site.
  • A good developer will be able to integrate a clients existing databases into their new sites, this skill is especially useful if you are working on a company Intranet.
  • Testing skills are needed to test the functionality of a website before making it live. If Responsive Web Design techniques have been used the developer should test the site on different devices.
  • A developer will specialise in the behind the scenes mechanics of a website.


The Website Designer

  • Communication, as a designer you will still need to communicate with clients and other professionals that are involved in the site.
  • A basic understanding of programming, however will have an in depth knowledge of programs such as Dreamweaver, Flash and JavaScript and others.
  • They will have an artistic eye for the way the website is presented to the end user.
  • The will know about current legislation surrounding copyright and other related technology.
  • They will be able to use technology such as video cameras and scanners to create and edit digital images for use on the website.


Obviously, these lists are not exhaustive and as you can see there are some overlaps. However, at Wrightway Digital we believe that in order to provide an excellent site and service, not only for our clients but their clients too, we allow our developers to specialise in the behind the scenes coding and our creative designers to focus on producing the look and feel of the website, (which is the layout that presents your brand image). To make life easier for our clients, the whole production of your site is overseen by a project manager who will keep you informed of our progress on your site and ensure that everything runs smoothly behind the scenes.


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