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Quality Content With A Side Of Products

In today’s changing e-commerce landscape, people are getting quality, free content from the brands they already purchase from. More and more companies are starting to streamline their products with content, and vice versa. It’s changing the entire marketing system completely around from traditional methods to a more integrated platform. Below are some reasons behind why this phenomenon is taking off fast, as well as some easy to use tips on how to get started.


ecommerce and social media

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Buying Honest Products

The big corporate giants up on their unattainable mountaintops are starting to crumble, thanks to honest, trustworthy content being published by savvy businesses. People want content that is practical and easy to access. The hard sell is dying fast, while having information readily available is growing in popularity. It’s the new “whole package”, and it’s gaining the attention of consumers. Sites like Home Depot are offering fun DIY articles and at the same time also listing all the items used in it for purchase right there in the post. The process is seamless, and the company benefits from both the readable content as well as the sales of each product mentioned.

In this post we wanted to focus on one of our most valuable assets, our employees, and how important they are for maintaining our reputation, brand image and overall presence in the marketplace.


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There are many ways that we can recognize them and their value from the emotional and intellectual connections we have made that can translate into more tangible outcomes. Some are calling it a culture of appreciation, looking at how our employee engagement can manifest itself into more revenue related results. Let’s look at some ways that our employed brand ambassadors can be more engaged, offering them better incentives and more recognition:


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What exactly is “E-commerce”?


As a country the UK have bought and sold goods to other countries. This is called commerce. On a smaller scale, I think pretty much every adult in the country will at some point or other walked into a shop and bought something. This is also commerce. E-commerce is quite simply the act of buying and selling goods or services over a computer network, or more commonly over the Internet.

The big names in social networking are all starting to take advantage of user generated content to help marketers target the right customers and the precise moment they need a product or service.

Google and Facebook have been doing this for some time, but now Twitter is starting to take advantage of this advanced targetting.

User intent to purchase can now be determined based on a variety of signals including keywords typed in status updates, search boxes or tweets,

Unfortunately their ad platform is only available to businesses willing to spend £3500+ per month, if this does fit your budget it could make a very interesting advertising proposition.

Facebook and Google ads are ofcourse accessible to all, we provide a range of social media and PPC marketing services, get in touch to get started today !


The implications of Twitter's new targeting

Responsive design has become quite a hot topic in recent years, as internet consumption patterns start to change, so do our expectations of websites.

It may seem like the latest design fad. But don’t be fooled into thinking so. It is consistent with a trend in the industry to produce high quality experiences while maintaining consistency of content and interaction.

Webmasters in Europe are still adjusting to the EU e-privacy regulations, many don’t know they aren’t complying and it seems a lot of companies are blatently ignoring the directive.

We have been working with cookie free tracking / analytics for a few years now, and it suits its purpose well but Google still refuses to pull cookies from its tracking systems.

Tracking is a way for digital marketers to better understand their audiences and to serve the right message to them at the right time. Unfortunately, the industry has done a less-than-stellar job at educating the public on the benefits. Most consumers don’t want their online movements to be tracked, and a set of industry-debilitating prohibitions could be on the way. In Europe, we are already seeing what this might look like. Marketers in the U.S. need to be ready.

Our blog is full of things you SHOULD do, well here’s a few things you really shouldn’t do! 10 do’s and don’t from the Marketing professionals…

Now that your business has survived the much-hyped “end of the world,” handling your online marketing should be a piece of cake, right? But just in case you need some help, here’s a list of 10 do’s and 10 don’ts to keep your online presence on the right track in 2013.

Don’t: Use blanket “Like Us” messages to drive people to your social media pages.

Do: Give consumers a reason to like you, follow you, circle you, or whatever other action they need to take when promoting your social pages in emails, blogs, or your website. Highlight unique benefits they get by joining your social community—exclusive offers, contests, entertaining or informative content—to show that you understand what they want.

Don’t: Set up social profiles and leave them virtual ghost towns.

Do: Show off your business on social media by posting relevant, useful, and sharable content. Engaging polls, fun videos of new products or services, or fan/follower-only deals, specials, or events are great places to start. And if you’re not sure what to post, go directly to the source and ask current fans and followers what they’d like to see.

A lot happens in a very short time online, Here’s a few things that happen every minute;

  • Over 695,000 Facebook status updates are made
  • 98,000 tweets are tweeted
  • 13,000 iphone applications are downloaded
  • Around 168 million emails are sent
  • Over 100 new Linkedin accounts are created
  • Around 695,000 searches are made on Google
  • Over 1500 blog posts are made
  • Over 25 hours of video is watched on Youtube

The saying “every minute counts” rings particularly true here!