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Equal Opportunities Policy

Policy statement

Equal Opportunities is not about treating everyone the same. It is about recognising that people have different needs and that some people suffer more disadvantage and discrimination than others. WrightWay Digital Ltd is committed to building a workforce which is valued because its diversity reflects the community it serves, enabling it to deliver the best possible service to that community.


WrightWay Digital Ltd is committed to the fair treatment of all people, regardless of their gender, race, colour, ethnicity, ethnic or national origin, citizenship, religion, disability, mental health needs, age, domestic circumstances, social class, sexuality, beliefs, political allegiance or trades union membership. WrightWay Digital Ltd is firmly opposed to any discrimination based on these human characteristics and values.


When unfair discrimination occurs it will be taken very seriously and may result in formal action being taken, including disciplinary action. Equality and diversity must be part of everything that WrightWay Digital Ltd does. WrightWay Digital Ltd recognises that adverse institutionalised practices exist, either by deliberate design or through neglect, and will monitor, audit and implement action plans to challenge these practices where they occur. These will be formally reported to the Directors and externally through the annual report and other mechanisms.

Coverage of this policy

The policy covers all those employed by WrightWay Digital Ltd including sessional and short-term employees regardless of seniority.

Legislative framework

As well as being contrary to the policy of the Company, some types of discrimination are unlawful, either under UK or European legislation. It is the responsibility of all employees to work within this legislative framework.

(a) The Equal Pay Act 1970

(b) The Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974

(c) The Sex Discrimination Act 1975/1986/1999

(d) The Race Relations Act 1976/2000

(e) The Disability Discrimination Act 1995

(f) The Protection from Harassment Act 1997

(g) The Human Rights Act 1998

Application of employment policies and practices

WrightWay Digital Ltd will ensure that it operates as an employer in accordance with this policy and will develop a culture in which diversity is valued and equal opportunities are supported.

Recruitment and selection

All posts available within WrightWay Digital Ltd will have a job description and person specification indicating justifiable and transparent criteria for the job and must be advertised. Care must be taken in determining the most appropriate and accessible media in which to place advertisements.

Development and training

WrightWay Digital Ltd will provide specific training opportunities for people from minority or disadvantaged groups where possible.

Other employment practices

There must be no unfair bias in the way in which the range of WrightWay Digital Ltd employment provisions are operated.


Appropriate and timely monitoring information will be produced in line with WrightWay Digital Ltd policies and any relevant legislation.


This policy will be reviewed annually.