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Environmental Policy

We recognise that virtually all the activities of an organisation or an individual have some impact on the environment. The world’s resources are not limitless. WrightWay Digital Ltd accepts a social and moral responsibility for putting into place environmentally friendly measures, which go beyond legislative requirements. Our aim is to reduce the impact of our own organisation through a programme of continuous improvement.


In this respect our policy is to:


    • Comply with current legislation and, where practical, seek to meet future legislative requirements ahead of relevant deadlines;
    • Integrate environmental objectives into relevant business decisions in a cost-efficient manner;
    • Require all colleagues to address environmental responsibilities within the framework of normal operating procedures;
    • Minimise waste, also seek to recover as much as is economically practical and ensure the remainder is disposed of responsibly;
    • Enhance awareness of relevant issues among customers, colleagues and others who have an interest in our business;

Specific measures we have taken include:


    • Carbon offsetting through our tree-planting scheme – we plant a tree for every new client in an effort too not only offset our own but our clients carbon footprint.
    • A move to become paper free – We try not to use paper in the office and have facilities in place to send all documentation via digital means.
    • Power conscious – We have policies in place aimed at reducing the amount of power we use in the office, Lamps are turned off when not in use and we use computers with power saving features.
    • Education – We aim to educate our clients and staff on ways that they can reduce their own environmental impact