Digital strategy

" In the advanced world we live in today, an effective digital strategy is critical to a companies marketing, sales, brand and communications. "

We are experts in digital strategy, our team of digital strategists includes professionals in digital media, marketing, web design, creative

We work with you to build the right digital strategy for your brand.

Creating practical solutions to the challenges you already face and identifying potential opportunities ahead of the curve.

Markets are very rarely static, customers needs and wants change, competitor actions, innovations and strategic decisions can change the marketplace dramatically, as can technological advancements.

" The economy, Social biases, technological advancements, environmental issues, poliical agendas, legislative action and ethical concerns can all play a part in shaping the marketplace you conduct business in. "

" The more the external environment changes, the more opportunities there are likely to be for a well prepared company, with an effective research plan and an organic digital strategy."

"Through effective research and digital strategy it is possible to identify changes in the market place ahead of the curve and form a competitive advantage through innovation, knowledge and strategy. "

Even if your marketplace is stable, competitive actions can always change and you need to know, review and act on what is happening....

We understand the importance of digital strategy and use a variety of technologically advanced systems to conduct ongoing research into your business and marketplace, providing valuable insight into your customers, competitors and market. We then combine this with our industry knowledge and experience to form effective strategies that can grow with your business.

The digital strategy services we offer include.

  • Market research
  • Competitor research
  • Search marketing strategy
  • Opportunity assessment
  • Digital strategy
  • Brand strategy and planning
  • Customer research
  • Persona creation
  • Actionable target creation
  • Analysis of external factors (PESTLEE)
  • Media research and analysis
  • Social media strategy

Contact us now to find out how we can build the Wright digital strategy for your brand.

Our Products

  • Joomla extensions.

    We’re experts in all things Joomla! Starting from its initial fork from Mambo, our consultants have over a decades experience using the platform. We are able to produce advanced custom joomla extensions, plugins, modules and templates for almost any purpose.

  • Wordpress extensions.

    We’ve been developing smaller websites on wordpress since we launched and we love its simplicity. We’ve developed a range of commercial extensions, themes and security enhancements over those years and are skilled in custom wordpress development.

  • Website templates.

    We don’t use other peoples templates, we make our own!

    We have a selection of custom designed templates for a range of platforms including Joomla, Wordpress and Prestashop.

  • Prestashop plugins.

    We’ve seen prestashop improve immensely over the years, starting as a small shopping cart its grown into a feature rich ecommerce suite which is most suitable for small to medium enterprises. As with Joomla and Wordpress we’ve developed a number of plugins for this platform

  • CloudWorks BPS.

    To compliment our design and devlopment services we’ve created a suite of business productivity and support tools. From social media marketing, to project management, to advanced analytics, to cloud based hosting our cloudWorks suite supports our clients from the first contact.

  • Api integrations

    We specialise in custom REST based api integrations. Talk to us if you want to get your web applications talking to each other quickly and reliably.


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