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As part of our environmental awareness program and in an effort to help our customers become carbon neutral we have pledged to plant a tree for every new client.

A portion of the proceeds from the first job we complete for all new clients will go towards planting a tree. Trees will be planted by the Woodland trust in Forests around the UK.

The tree will be dedicated to you or your business and you will receive a certificate with its location.

All trees will be planted in public forests as part of a regeneration scheme so you will be able to visit your tree at any time. Over the years we hope to plant a full forest and offset not only ours but also our clients carbon footprint.

Trees and forests are vitally important for our environment. Deforestation accounts for over 20% of the carbon dioxide emitted by human beings.

Trees absorb carbon dioxide and produce Oxygen, reducing the carbon levels In the environment.

Planting trees is a good way to offset your carbon footprint and it is our first step to becoming carbon neutral.

Other steps we have taken to ensure we remain ethical and environmentally conscious include;
Move to become paper free

We try not to use paper in the office and have facilities in place to send all documentation via digital means.

Power conscious

We have policies in place aimed at reducing the amount of power we use in the office, Lamps are turned off when not in use and we use computers with power saving features

Fair wages

We pay all of our staff at or above the going rate for their role and locality (Often paying more than they are expecting when they first apply for the role).

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