Basic Web Design

A website is no longer a luxury, for most businesses it is a necessity!.

We have a range of advanced web design services suitable for all business sizes.

“From development of advanced online applications to e-commerce stores, we are poised to help make your web design dreams become a reality.”

With specialized staff and dedicated consultants we are perfectly positioned to produce even the most complex of web projects, We have specialized developers ready to tackle even the trickiest coding challenge and a team of skilled creative designers ready to give your website the look it needs. The whole process is overseen by your dedicated consultant who will ensure that all work meets the high quality standards that our clients have come to expect.

Blog design

Simple and quick to deploy, blogs can help establish yourself as an expert in your industry. Blogs provide an excellent and centralized tool to communicate with your stakeholders and keep them informed of key business activities.

Whether you're looking to implement an external business blog or an internal company blog... We can help to realize the true value of blogs for you and your company or organization.

E-commerce design

"The internet is the worlds largest marketplace, ignore it and you're missing out on a huge opportunity"

We are e-commerce experts. From market research to website design. Payment gateways to online promotion we have you covered at every stage of your e-commerce websites development.

Online Communities

Build an online community of customers, staff, shareholders or other key stakeholders and encourage socializing between them. Bring a feeling of belonging to your community members and in turn solidify their affiliation to your brand.

"Communities are an excellent vehicle for 2 way communication with your customer, you can gain feedback, offer support and inform people of your business activities."

An online community, if deployed correctly can provide an engaging experience for users and helps to humanize the Internet experience.

Whether it be creating a totally new online community or taking advantage of existing social networks such as Facebook to create a micro community; we can facilitate the establishment, web design, development, management and maintenance of a community website.

Brand building web design

Brands are very important, they help people differentiate between competition and quickly judge quality.

"A good brand can bring you new customers and can help you to keep existing customer."

Brand building sites are developed to create an experience of your brand online, helping to build and convey your brand identity to the world.

We always work with our clients to ensure consistent and memorable branding throughout any websites we build.

Mobile accessible web design

More and more people are starting to access the internet from their mobile devices. Mobile optimized design is included in most our web design packages as standard.

We approach mobile accessibility in one of 3 different ways dependent on the projects requirements :

1.Responsive design

Your website adapts itself to the device it is being viewed on, so as it looks good on any screen size.

2.Dedicated mobile template

We develop a unique template for mobile devices, often resembling an online mobile app.

3.Mobile apps

For the ultimate user experience dedicated mobile apps can be integrated with your website

Advanced web design review process

We have an advanced web design review process - Creative and development briefs are produced in consultation with your organization, the creative brief is passed to our design team who will immediately start producing concept images. These images will be uploaded as they are produced to our special web based design review system, here you can comment on each concept in your own time by accessing our website.

Our designers keep producing new concepts or modifying the design until you are truly happy with it.

Once the web design has been finalized it is passed to our dedicated team of developers to turn the concept into a fully functional website and "bring the web design to life".... This process allows for a greater level of customization and production of a web design matching even the strictest of design requirements.

Whether it be creating a totally new online community or taking advantage of existing social networks such as Facebook to create a micro community; we can facilitate the establishment, web design, development, management and maintenance of a community website.

Our Products

  • Joomla extensions.

    We’re experts in all things Joomla! Starting from its initial fork from Mambo, our consultants have over a decades experience using the platform. We are able to produce advanced custom joomla extensions, plugins, modules and templates for almost any purpose.

  • Wordpress extensions.

    We’ve been developing smaller websites on wordpress since we launched and we love its simplicity. We’ve developed a range of commercial extensions, themes and security enhancements over those years and are skilled in custom wordpress development.

  • Website templates.

    We don’t use other peoples templates, we make our own!

    We have a selection of custom designed templates for a range of platforms including Joomla, Wordpress and Prestashop.

  • Prestashop plugins.

    We’ve seen prestashop improve immensely over the years, starting as a small shopping cart its grown into a feature rich ecommerce suite which is most suitable for small to medium enterprises. As with Joomla and Wordpress we’ve developed a number of plugins for this platform

  • CloudWorks BPS.

    To compliment our design and devlopment services we’ve created a suite of business productivity and support tools. From social media marketing, to project management, to advanced analytics, to cloud based hosting our cloudWorks suite supports our clients from the first contact.

  • Api integrations

    We specialise in custom REST based api integrations. Talk to us if you want to get your web applications talking to each other quickly and reliably.


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